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Welcome to Gourmet Gluten Free Goodies


Are you suffering from multiple food allergies?

Do you need to avoid certain foods or ingredients in your diet?

And, for anyone not having to be this "free" with their ingredients, this line is also for you, as it is by far one of the MOST DELICIOUS mix lines available today!

Even our NON GF friends are lovin' it too...

Here you will find the BEST Gluten Free & Allergen Free PLUS corn, rice, egg, yeast & potato free mixes on the market today! With almost 20 years of combined experience in the Gluten Free World, and endless research to verify the purest ingredients, our professional team has created *2* of the most DELICIOUS product lines available anywhere, that will bring back the "normalcy" to the lives of those affected by multiple food allergies.

Our first mix line is our Allergen Free line that has a variety of products. These are:

Along with *NO* Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, and GMO Free. They are also LOW in "sugar" content, only using organic raw turbinado sugar, except for the breads, which are sweetened using a small amount of honey or agave by the consumer.

Our second mix line is our Gourmet Bread/Pizza Crust line. These are:

Along with *NO* Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, and GMO Free. All of the spices are Certified Gluten Free, Organic & Allergen Free. Only pure spices are used with no fillers, starches, etc.

~Special Orders for our Gourmet Bread/Pizza Crust line ONLY Please~: Any spice can be removed to accomodate any food intolerance or allergy. When ordering, please specify in comment/instruction box which spice you would like removed, for which bread/crust, and for how many mixes.

We use only natural & organic ingredients. Our easy, one bowl mixes are so simple to make, and the taste is unbelievable!

You can buy with confidence because our mixes are produced in a brand new 100% DEDICATED GF & ALLERGEN FREE facility, AND have been certifiably lab tested gluten free at less than 4 PPM making this line truly allergen free! Absolutely undetectable!

We provide excellent customer service, along with worldwide shipping. Return often as we unveil this ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS Allergen Free mix line.

To your health,

Gourmet Gluten Free Goodies Team

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